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About Us

About Us


Remote Fertility Care

Your fertility care is our top priority. e-Procreate offers patients remote consultation with providers that are experts in managing all fertility issues. We understand the importance of personalized, high quality and accurate testing results for planning your care and fertility journey. You can do this all from the convenience of your home.

Fertility testing kit delivered to you

You will receive your testing kit and collect the samples at home. You will return the kit for analysis.

Fertility Care Anywhere

Follow up remote consultation with your provider to review your results and plan your treatment.

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Remote Expert Consultation

Fertility Care Anywhere

Why e-Procreate

e-Procreate simplifies the process for couples experiencing infertility by bringing our fertility experts and fertility testing to your home.

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Accurate Testing

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One-on-One consultation with your Fertility Doctor focused on your success


Female testing


Male Testing

How it works

The e-Procreate Process

In the initial consultation you will meet with a fertility provider and we will order the appropriate testing to determine the factors contributing to your infertility.
You will receive your testing kit and collect the samples at home. You will return the kit through the mail to Procreate for analysis. Alternatively, you can receive a lab order and bring it to a nearby lab for your blood draw.
Your provider may also order a pelvic ultrasound and a tubal dye study. We will make the arrangements for this to be performed close to your home or in one of our conveniently located offices.
A remote follow up consultation with your provider enables you to understand your results and plan your treatment for making your dreams of having a baby a reality.

Our Team

Led by Experts Passionate about helping women, men, and couples achieve their dreams of building a family.

The Procreate team has more than 200 years combined experience in fertility care, diagnosis, and treatment.