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Egg Donation

Egg Donation Process

Egg donation is a process where one woman donates her eggs to another woman to help her become pregnant.

The Basic Requirements lnclude:

• Age between 21 and 31
• Physically Healthy
• Non smoker
• Psychologically Healthy
• No history of substance abuse
• No history of family genetic


Egg Donation at Procreate Fertility

At Procreate Fertility we have the highest admiration for young women deciding to donate their eggs. This has been described as one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences a woman can make. We will guide you through the process and alleviate all your concerns. The donor is stimulated with injectable hormones for 10 days and then undergoes an in-office procedure to extract the eggs from the ovaries.

If you meet the above requirements and would like to begin this journey please complete and submit our application.

Egg Donation Process in Detail

  1. Complete an application on our website. This is the initial screening. If qualified, Procreate personnel will contact you to proceed with screening.
  2. You will come to Procreate for a consultation, ultrasound, blood testing for communicable diseases, and physical exam.
  3. Once you pass all screening tests, your profile goes into a database for intended parents in the Hampton Roads area.
  4. If a match is made, the IVF coordinator will contact you to confirm your availability and make arrangements for the cycle.
  5. The donor will self-administer daily injections to stimulate multiple eggs for retrieval. The donor is monitored closely through bloodwork and ultrasounds to ensure that the ovaries are responding.
  6. When the donor’s eggs have sufficiently developed, the donor is instructed to trigger ovulation; then, her eggs are retrieved in a short, in-office procedure.
  7. The donor is required to return to Procreate for a checkup to ensure the donor is recovering properly. The process from the start of injections to the donation is generally less than 2 weeks.
  8. Donors are compensated for their time.